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June 26, 2020

Jingyi Furniture Product Manufacturing Process

There are two manufacturing processes for casting and forging iron beds: one is casting and the other is forging.


Casting: It is to liquefy the metal, then pour the liquid metal into the cavity of the prescribed shape, and finally cool it into parts; the disadvantage of casting is that there will be sand holes and shrinkage holes inside the casting, so the casting material is bulky and fragile. However, because the castings are transformed into liquid water, they have good flow properties and can form castings of various complex shapes.


Forging: In the state of red hot metal, the metal is forged into parts of a specified shape through equipment. In the costume drama, the weapon (sword) is forged and tempered manually, and finally becomes an extremely sharp sword. The forgings are dense in structure, not fragile, and have good mechanical properties. It is recommended that you choose iron beds made of forged materials! The paint treatment methods of baking varnish, electrostatic spraying and spraying wrought iron bed are generally baking varnishing, electrostatic spraying and spraying paint. Baking paint: Apply three times of primer and four times of top coat on the substrate, and send it to the dust-free and temperature-controlled baking room for baking after each coat. It has high requirements on the processing environment, and the quality and effect are very good.


Electrostatic spraying: under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly absorbed on the metal surface to form a powdery coating, and then baked at high temperature to form the final coating. The spraying effect is in terms of mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. Better than painting process;


Spray paint: Grind the woolen cloth on the substrate, spray paint on it, and let it dry naturally. Long-term painting is very harmful to the staff. Of course, painting has also been automated now

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