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September 18, 2019

Jingyi Furniture teaches you how to choose a double iron bed that suits you

One: The original material of the double iron bed is made of high-quality carbon steel.


Two: The double-layer iron bed undergoes rust removal, degreasing and phosphating treatment during the manufacturing process to achieve the purpose of rust prevention.


Three: The surface of the iron bed adopts the dipping process. Our company's iron bed has passed environmental protection certification, so it is guaranteed in terms of environmental protection.


Four: The structure of the iron bed mainly includes screw consolidation and direct insertion. The screw consolidation type uses screws and nuts to consolidate the bed head and bed frame; the direct insertion type is to install a square groove on the bed head. There is a square column on the frame column, just insert the square column into the square slot to complete the equipment.


Five: The classification of double-layer iron beds can be divided into angle iron beds, round tube iron beds and square tube iron beds.


Six: The double-layer iron beds we often manufacture mainly include angle iron beds, round tube iron beds and square tube iron beds. The colors are mainly gray and white, and the thickness of the steel pipe is thicker. The thicker the iron bed, the greater the strength.

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