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China Bazhou Jingyi iron bed Co., Ltd

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China Jingyi Group includes Jingyi Furniture Factory, Jingyi Furniture Showroom and Jingyi Steel Pipe Production Company.


Jingyi Furniture Manufacturing Factory was established in 1984 and has more than 30 years of furniture manufacturing experience.


We are committed to creating more value for you, and strive to become a leader in China's furniture production and suppliers.

our team

We have an experienced technical team, they always strictly control product quality

Our company is a wrought iron furniture manufacturer in Hebei, China. In the early stage, we cooperated with the design institute. Later, we have our own design team and perfect production technology, and have good sales in domestic and overseas markets.

Our company has established a long-term cooperative relationship with foreign buyers, adopting international advanced iron furniture production technology, so that the sales volume of our iron furniture overseas has increased steadily.

In line with the tenet of "Quality First, Service First" and excellent layout concept, we are committed to providing high-quality products and services to customers around the world. We work hard to work with our partners to achieve a win-win situation!

Our company has a professional design and production team. In product design, sample production and process research and development, the industry has won unanimous praise from customers in domestic and overseas markets.

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China Bazhou Jingyi iron bed Co., Ltd

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china latest news about What are the advantages of iron beds in general
On February 12, 2020
In the past, many beds were made of wood. Basically, after a few years of use, they would have to be replaced with new ones. Because wooden beds are prone to worms, it will not take long to eat the boards a little bit. Therefore, now wooden beds Has been gradually eliminated. Many people are now ...
china latest news about Jingyi Furniture Product Manufacturing Process
On June 26, 2020
There are two manufacturing processes for casting and forging iron beds: one is casting and the other is forging. Casting: It is to liquefy the metal, then pour the liquid metal into the cavity of the prescribed shape, and finally cool it into parts; the disadvantage of casting is that there will be ...